21 March 2010

"Die Stille nach dem Schuss"

it's a drama. No, really, a German drama ... a movie, really! Ah folks, ... tststs. However, I' closing down this web 2.0 business of a blog, it's not really my thing. Maybe I will open some other blog with a more ... distinctive ... topic in the future ;) .

Best wishes, Peter

18 March 2010

Presidential elections ...

are coming up in Austria, and besides the present president the far right-wing Mrs. Barbara Rosenkranz runs for the election. I quote her for this w2m: "Aufgabe des Bundespräsidenten ist es, den Finger in die Wunde zu legen"
Have much fun!

09 March 2010

too simple ...

Cilit Bang
somewhere between the b and g, between the big and the g...
Maybe one can spell the alphabet with bangs? Well, A ... too simple, B ... already there, C ... no problem, ... the rest follows by induction ;)