22 February 2010

Chinese Year

Luckily (?) I was born as a fire-dragon in the Chinese calender, to be more precise, I was born in the 5th part-cycle of the 77th 60-years-cycle of the Chinese calender:

77th cycle(1924-1983) of the Chinese calender, 5th part-cycle 1972 till 1983

  • 龍 31st January 1976 till 17th February 1977 year of the fire-dragon 丙辰 bǐngchén 53

(Whatever the Chinese may mean). Here some links, what the fire-dragon is like:
Why this fuzz about horoscopes, which I don't believe in? Well, 'sides my birthday there is another annual event coming up: the earth-hour. So turn off your light on Sat. 27th March from 8:30 pm till 9:30 pm to show your dedication for environmental protection.

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