02 November 2009

Long time no see!

Well, in October I've been at the SPIEL09 in Essen, Germany, and, alas, the semester has started, so many young unknown students join classes to learn something. Teach them I can. Anyway, the VIENNALE, the international Vienna film festival, is also occupying my time. Although I watch less movies than I've bought games, which, of course, have to be tested (20 vs. 35), my spare time is pretty scarce right now. Also the students in Austria protest against the commercialization of education, which I support (the students pint of view, of course).
But my bank account is plundered, so I will have more time in the near future, since I've no money left to spend. (I had much luck on my trip back to Vienna from Düsseldorf airport: I didn't have to pay for the considerable overweight (15kg á 7€ per kg), but still, the games themselves, and the trip, and the movie tickets, and my bracers, they make quite a sum in total!)

So for this weeks news, I just give two pics of advertisement I found:

Cucumbers "mini" from Viennese gardeners:

Take Jesus!

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