08 September 2009


I'm off to 43° 15' 50.9'' N, 11° 13' 46,7'' E tomorrow to give a lecture in a summer school on hybrid modeling. (That is Italy, Tuscany, near Siena, didn't you know?!) And the next two weeks I'm also not in Vienna (visiting W&P in Erfurt and the ÖMG/DMV congress in Graz and then ... well, wait and read :) ). And since virtually nobody is at the university during the students holidays, I have nobody to talk to (only virtually). So how should I come up with a "Wort zum Montag", if there is nobody to chat to discuss mathematical problems with.

Well, the solution is simple, I give you some pics from my vacation in Helsinki and Stockholm this sumer:

For the friends of the bachelor (Bakkelauriat, Bak.):

If you like old things (alas, no hidden imperative):

Well, I guess that's an obvious name:

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  1. just for you: "finished" in Swedish and Finnish: slut. Means also ugly in Romanian.