11 August 2009

In the beginning was the word.

And the word was with me. Just to make a notion about the name of my blog: in a wide-spread Austrian newspaper there is on Sundays always a "Wort zum Sonntag", which translates as "Word to Sunday", by a catholic bishop. Since I think that "language is just a tool to confuse" (© by myself till proofed otherwise), I want to promote this idea. And one excellent method is to give every monday a phrase, word, or picture which shows this idea (one of many good ideas given birth in Johnny's, also c.f. to be updated). So the blog is actually called "Word to Monday".

So here I am, joining up to the youthful blogging part of the society. Postings will be irregularly and not always on Mondays, but life teaches you always to expect the unexpected ... yes, I studies physics, thanks for asking. Further I will also post in German, so be my guest to learn some German, oder auch Englisch, while reading "Wort zum Montag". Of course monday is also everyones favorite working day! ;)


  1. For fuck's sake, Blogger ate my comment again.

    Anyway, "Welcome to blogging! Enter freely and of your own free will!" etc.

    The good news is that a Google search for "language is just a tool to confuse" in Google turns up only a single hit: your blog. From the maxim that "The non-existence of anything can be proven by a resultless Google search" (© by Yours Truly), this would make you the originator of this phrase, in perpetuity, amen.

    The bad news is that comrade Lenin said something similar in his 1983 work Lenin on Language, where he spoke of language as a "tool to confuse", used, of course, by the capitalistic establishment to keep the proletariat in it's place. The North Koreans have adopted this (somewhat outdated) stance enthusiastically, and try very hard to keep the North Korean language clean... like the French, actually, only with more summary executions.


  2. Your comment gave me quite some thought, not because of proofing something via Google or Wikipedia, but because of comrade Lenin writing something in 1983. At this time he was already dead 59 years, so writing a book was quite a feat at that time.

    Putting aside all my fantasy-sodden thoughts about writing a book from the ohterside (nice bar in Vienna, though, they sell cider at the price of beer), I delved into yet another Google search. Quite some time later I was rewarded with the book "Lenin on language" by the Russian publisher "Raduga", which seems to be a compilation of speeches and articles by Lenin and others. Thanks to free-access thinking in those cultural surroundings there is an e-book available, whereas capitalistic Amazon is sold out, as well as any other bookshop. Must be more popular than I thought! (Although I could have guessed the e-book in advance when Borsic is involved ...)

    Anyway, I have more stuff to read now, thx :)

  3. Well, one of the lesser known facts about Comrade Lenin is that he was an accomplished time-traveller...

    You wouldn't have a link to the ebook, by any chance?

  4. http://leninist.biz/

    There is more stuff there, though I wonder if "Lenin on Language" is complete.