11 October 2009


just said "Ich habe mich in dir getäuscht." (While everyone knows how to pretend a male org... .) Therefore I give him one |. One gets a | when saying something which can be interpreted in an ambiguous way. The point I am dispensing ||| is to make people aware that language is a tool to confuse. But only when unintentionally! So 007s second sentence "I thought X-mas comes only once a year." gets no |, since it was intentional. (Please correct my English grammar, I suppose it is awfully wrong, and I would be interested in the correct sequence of tenses.)

08 October 2009

07 October 2009

Shot in the back ...

was a 14 yo teenager by a cop. The boy broke into a shop one night in August. The expertise now says that the teens (another 17 yo guy was with him) weren't attacking, like the policeman and the policewoman said. The investigation goes under the title "involuntary manslaughter under dangerous conditions". So these two teens are considered very dangerous, armed with a rake and a screwdriver, as they were. Or maybe dangerous because it was dark, and the police didn't turn on the lights. Many facts about this case make many people wonder, I wondered mainly about the severe reactions of so many people. Very many said: "He got what he deserved.", even the most spread Austrian newspaper told so. I don't think that any mere thief deserves the death penalty.

Only one circumstance made me rather angry, and that was that the two police officers were allowed to arrange their testimony. I think that was a very bad idea and it doesn't speak for the "very professional training" the police gets "to deal with such situations".